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Journal Club Talk Archive


Here are some of the past journal club talks. To see the list of current talks go here.

Spring 2012

June 15, 2012

 Title: "H-mode (high confinement mode) studies in tokamaks"
Christopher Lee


June 8, 2012

 Pei-Chun's title: "Turbulent transport of momentum in the solar tachocline"
 Wendell's title: "The ABCs of Supernovas"
Pei-Chun Hsu


Wendell Misch

June 1, 2012

 Lei's title: "Inter-species collisionless energy transfer by drift wave-zonal flow turbulence"
 Yusuke's title: "Intrinsic Rotation Generation in Tokamak 'Engine'"
Lei Zhao


Yusuke Kosuga

May 25, 2012

 Zhibin's title: "Turbulent magnetic reconnection"
 Scott's title: "The gaseous environment of high-z galaxies"
Zhibin Guo

Peking University & UCSD-CASS, respectively

Scott Gustafson

May 18, 2012

 Jon's title: "Searching for Primordial B-modes from the South Pole
with the Keck Telescope"
 Chang's title: "The interplay between primordial non-Gaussianity and
gravitational lensing"
Jon Kaufman


Chang Feng

May 11, 2012

 "Catching asteroids for fun and profit"
Nathan Johnson


May 4, 2012

 Dave's title: "Exoplanet Atmospheres"
 Daniella's title: "How to make an extremely low metallicity low-mass star"
Dave Boettger


Daniella Bardalez Gagliuffi

April 27, 2012

 Alexey's title: "Neutrino kinetics in supernovae and the early universe"
 Stephanie's title: "Multi-chroic Dual-Polarization Bolometric Focal Plane
for Studies of the Cosmic Microwave Background"
Alexey Vlasenko


Stephanie Moyerman

April 20, 2012

NOTE: Journal Club/Special CASS Meeting
 You're all invited to attend. We intend on holding a special meeting every quarter as an opportunity to share information about what's going on in CASS.

April 13, 2012

 Title TBA
Richard Stancliffe

Mt. Stromlo Observatory

April 6, 2012

NOTE: Will be held in SERF 329
 "A Kerr Doppler Derivation: Is there Dark Matter in the Metric?"
Sophia Inzunza-Cisneros


Winter 2012

March 9, 2012

 "Pair Instability Supernovae"
JJ Cherry


March 2, 2012

 "Dark Matter Velocity Anisotropy in Galaxy Clusters"
Doron Lemze

Johns Hopkins University

February 24, 2012

 Smith's: "Black Hole Jet Battle: Retrograde vs. Prograde"
So's: "Next Generation Computing Woes"
Stephen Smith &
Geoffrey So


February 10, 2012

 Diamond-Stanic's: "The Biggest Black Holes in the Universe"; Michelsen's: "What's Not Wrong with Faster-than-Light Neutrinos"
Aleks Diamond-Stanic &
Eric Michelsen


February 3, 2012

 "How to Referee a Paper"
Alison Coil,
Kim Griest &
Adam Burgasser


January 27, 2012

 "Revisiting the Grand Design Spiral Galaxies"
Kit Lee


January 20, 2012

 Cieplak's: TBA
 Day's: "The Lyman-Alpha Forest in a Blazar-Heated Universeā€
Agnieszka Cieplak


Aaron Day

January 13, 2012

 "Dark Radiation in the Early Universe"
Evan Grohs


Fall 2011

December 2, 2011

 "Neutrinos: Cosmic Tricksters?"
George Fuller,

November 18, 2011

 "Early-type galaxies: the last 8 billion years"
[SPECIAL ASTRO SEMINAR] Sugata Kaviraj, Sr. Research Fellow, Oxford University

November 4, 2011

 "Star Formation: Is Molecular Gas a Necessity?"
Marcel Neeleman,

October 28, 2011

 "Exploring the Geometry of Accreting Material in Active Galactic Nuclei"
Liz Rivers,

October 21, 2011

 "Dark Matter Parameters from Neutrino Telescopes"
Katie Richardson,

October 14, 2011

 "Attempts to reconcile recent results in the direct detection of dark matter"
Paul Hemphill,

October 7, 2011

 "The Major and Minor Galaxy Merger Rates at z<1.5"
Alex Mendez,

September 30, 2011

 "The dependence of AGN accretion on host stellar mass and color"
James Aird,

September 23, 2011

 "Insight into extrasolar rocky planets from white dwarf stars"
Carl Melis,

Spring 2011

May 27, 2011

 "Low-metallicity DLA"
Dr. Bryan Penprase,
Pomona College

May 6, 2011

 "Observable Signatures of Gas Accretion in Galaxy Halos"
Kyle Stewart,
Postdoctoral Scholar

April 22, 2011

 "The Density PDF of Molecular Clouds and the Core Fragmentation Mass Function"
Rick Wagner,
UC San Diego

Winter 2011

February 18, 2011

 "Bridges to Understanding Merging Galaxies"
Robert da Silva,
Graduate Student,
UC Santa Cruz

February 11, 2011

 "The Baryonic Acoustic Feature and Redshift Distortions in the SDSS and BOSS LRG Samples"
Eyal Kazin,
Graduate Student

January 28, 2011

 "Dark energy from interacting fermions"
Gerard Stephenson, Jr.,
Adjunct Professor
Physics & Astronomy

January 21, 2011

 "Galaxy Mergers: Black Hole Accretion, Star Formation, and Feedback"
Hai Fu,

Fall 2010 & Earlier

November 3, 2009

 "X-ray Spectroscopy of the High Mass X-ray Binary GX 301-2"
Richard Rothschild,

November 10, 2009

 "The Distribution of Thermal Pressures in the Diffuse Interstellar Medium of our Galaxy"
[SPECIAL ASTRO SEMINAR] Edward Jenkins, Princeton University

November 17, 2009

 "Nature vs. Nurture in Galaxy Formation Simulations"
Marcel Haas

November 24, 2009

 "The Kinematics and Geometry of Galactic Winds at z~1"
Kate Rubin

December 1, 2009

No Journal Club

December 8, 2009

 "Galaxy Mergers in Phase Space"
Robyn Sanderson, MIT

January 8, 2010

 "What does the Higgs boson have to do with reverse causation?"

January 15, 2010

 "Women in Astronomy 2009: Report for the Baltimore Meeting"
Adam Burgasser, UCSD-CASS

January 22, 2010

No Journal Club

January 29, 2010

 "Testing Magnetic Star Formation Theory"
David Collins, UCSD-CASS

February 5, 2010

 "Past, Present, and Future of CMB Polarization Experiments"
Nate Miller, UCSD-CASS

February 12, 2010

No Journal Club

February 19, 2010

 Special Astro Seminar 12:00-1:00PM in SERF 280
Journal Club Cancelled

February 26, 2010

 "Classical and Recurrent Novae"
Rebekah Hounsell, Liverpool John Moores Univ.

March 5, 2010

 "New Results at High Redshift Enabled by the Latest Hubble Servicing Mission"
Marc Rafelski, UCSD-CASS

March 12, 2010

Meir Shimon, UCSD-CASS

April 2, 2010

 "Gravitational Waves and LIGO."
Alex Mendez, UCSD-CASS

April 9, 2010

 "A Brief Overview of Baryon Acoustic Oscillations"
Geoffrey So, UCSD-CASS

April 16, 2010

 "Using G-dot to Constrain Theories with Extra Dimensions"
Nathan Johnson, UCSD-CASS

April 23, 2010

 "Big science from little stars: What we can learn from the Volkswagens of the Milky Way"
Andrew West, Boston Univ.

April 30, 2010

 "Spectrographs HIRES and UVES: Not good enough"
Jonathan Whitmore, UCSD-CASS

May 7, 2010

 "Active Galactic Nuclei: A Broadband Overview"
Liz Rivers, UCSD-CASS

May 14, 2010

 "Theories of Dark Energy"
Kim Griest, UCSD-CASS

May 21, 2010

 "Using CMB Polarization Telescopes for Galactic Plane Surveys"
Darcy Barron, UCSD-CASS

May 28, 2010

 "Atmospheric Halos et al."
Slawomir Suchy, UCSD-CASS

June 4, 2010

 "Nuclear De-exitation into Neutrino Pairs: A Relaxing Introduction"
Wendell Misch, UCSD-CASS

October 1, 2010

No Journal Club

October 8, 2010

 "State of the Art Supernova Modeling: Welcome to the Jungle"

October 15, 2010

 "The Spitzer Deep, Wide-Field Survey: From Brown Dwarfs to Reionization, and Everything In Between"
Daniel Stern, JPL

October 22, 2010

 TASC Practice Talks

October 29, 2010

No Journal Club

November 5, 2010

 "Weak Interactions in Big Bang Nucleosynthesis"
Evan Grohs, UCSD-CASS

November 12, 2010

Agnieszka Cieplak, UCSD-CASS

November 19, 2010

 "The AGN Star Formation Connection in Clusters of Galaxies From Multiwavelength Photometry"
David Atlee, OSU

November 26, 2010

 Thanksgiving Break
No Journal Club

December 3, 2010

Michelle Fumagalli, UCSC